The Theme this year was "Cruisino", a combination of a sea cruise
to exotic places and a casino.

The Menu

Hor d'oeuvres

Baked Coconut Shrimp with warm Apricot Sauce
Pate and Crackers (courtesy of Cynthia)


Lobster Bisque

Main Course

Pork Chops Braised with Spiced Honey and Grapes
Baked Salmon with Thyme, Lemon Butter and Almonds
Sautéed Carrots, Green Beans and Mushrooms
Baked Asparagus with Orange Hollandaise Sauce
Wild Rice, Barley and Mushroom Pilaf
Salad (courtesy of Genevieve)


Walnut Praline Cheesecake

The Table


The centre piece is a combination of fish net, shells, starfish, flowers, a model of the ship Norwegien Spirit, a carving of a tiki head I picked up in the Bahamas a number of years back, a carving of a dolphin and floating candles.


Another view of the table (before Cyn arrived with the dish for the floating candles). And if you're wondering why the chairs don't match, I had to borrow some from my parents.  :-)

The Guests et al


  Genevieve (my sister-in-law) and Cynthia's companion, Jim.
And yes, everyone got "lei'd" when they walked through the door.


My big brother, Ron, on the left, who never quite outgrew his "hippie period" but we love him just the same,  Al, husband of the next guest Debra, who was one of my fellow commuters to Thunder Bay, in Ontario's frozen north, a few years back.

The Lobster Bisque!

Happy diners slurping on soup!
In back, Genevieve, my best friend Cynthia, Jim In the foreground, Ron, Al and Deb

I didn't realize until I saw this picture that everyone on one side of the table drank red wine, and the other drank white. Curious!

Before the main course(s)
Of course, we had to dismantle the centre piece to get everything on the table.

After dinner -- "The Casino"
That's Cynthia setting things up

And the pic you've all been waiting for -- Yes, that's me in my finery!

And finally, our main photographer -- Izak (wondering why he's not winning -- LOL)

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