We didn't get off the ship anywhere in Mexico by choice, however we did take pictures from the deck.


Cabo San Lucas, commonly called Cabo, is a tourist destination located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula.
It is known for it's sandy beaches, world class scuba diving locations, beach side resorts, the distinctive sea arch of 'El Arco de
Cabo San Lucas', and abundant marine life.


One of the beach areas.

Rock formations to the west.

A closer look at the beach.


The town, complete with beach resorts.


Jet Skies are very popular in Mexico.


Acapulco is a major sea port on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It is also a relatively dangerous place to visit, which led to
Princess Cruise Line's decision to remove it from all itineraries after November 2011.  In NCL's case, three of the ship's crew were
robbed while on shore, so I'm not sorry we didn't get off the ship.

Jay was the only one who took pics of Acapulco. I was sorry afterward however, as there was demonstration
marching along the road, with many participants carrying small coffins. Overhead flew a police helicopter sporting an
officer carrying assault rifles on each side. We found out later the police were for protection, as the demonstration
was against the drug lords.  Talk about a missed photo op!


Views of the city from the docks





Huatulca is a tourist development located on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca, where the foothills of the Sierra Madre
del Sur Mountains
meet the Pacific Ocean. The tourism industry here is centred on it's nine bays.



The northern part of the town.


Foothills and bays..

The local military base.

A lot of construction is going on, mainly condos and resort hotels.

The Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains.

Not a lot of beach here, but lots of big rocks.

But that didn't stop tourists from getting on those jet skis!

While we were anchored, some of the ship's crew participated in an
exercise on how to right an overturned inflatable life raft.

The instructor showing them how it's done.

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