We flew in a day early and spent the night in San Pedro, California, near the docks. Izak's friend Jay, who
was also on the last Baltic cruise, joined us again for this trip.
San Pedro is situated in southern Los Angeles and is a major seaport of the area. It has grown from being
dominated by the fishing industry to become primarily a working class community.

Beyond all those trees is the cruise dock, as seen from the front
steps of the hotel.

Dina, Jay and I on the steps of the hotel.

Jacob's Ladder - a term for a rope or cable ladder, with wooden steps,
that hangs off the side of a ship. The sculpture, by the late Jasper
depicts one shipmate attempting to save another and
is the main focus of the
American Merchant Marine Veterans' Memorial.

One of the cars of the Port of LA Waterfront Red Car Line, coming to
pick us up.
The Red Car Line runs on 1.5 mi. of track connecting the
cruise terminal with other points of interest along the waterfront.
The trolleys were built to resemble the wood-bodied 500 class cars
introduced in 1905 for the Pacific Electric Railway.


The driver.
The rest of the interior. That's the conductor sitting in the seat across from me.

We had dinner at the "Ports O' Call", a tourist destination built in 1963
which provides various  shopping venues and a host of waterfront eateries.
After dinner we had a drink on the terrace, where we saw NCL's ship
The Pearl leaving for her trip through the Panama Canal.

Another view of The Pearl.


Izak and Dina on our ride back on the Red Car Line.




The Conductor convinced us to go to the end of the line to see the
fountain light show

... where the water was set to dance.

The front entrance of our hotel (it looked better at night).




The Norwegian Star

The Suite

Just as incredible as the last suite, this one had it's own unique perks!

Not only did our front door have a 'door bell', it also had a name -
The Sapphire Suite

The entrance way was actually a small hallway, with a door to the
"children's room" on the left..

Dina slept in the "children's room", which came with a sofa bed and television . . .

. . . separate washroom . . .
. . . vanity and shower.


Straight ahead was the main living area, with another sofa bed
. . .

. . . seating area, complete with another television and fresh flowers . . . 

. . . a bottle of French champagne . . .

. . . a telephone that you could carry around with ship with you if you wanted . . .

. . . bar area, with cappuccino maker . . .

. .  . and dinette.

And to the left of the living area is the "adult" bedroom and dressing area.
The bedroom was separated by curtains, which when closed were really good
at keeping out the light,  and had a queen size bed,
another telephone and a fourth television.

Straight ahead from the sleeping area was the dressing room and ensuite.


On the left was the clothes cupboard, the 'commode' ( which also
had a telephone) and the shower stall.

The shower, which while you don't see it in the picture, had a window
(with a blind of course)  to the right. In case you are wondering what
all the knobs are, the top knob turns on the water  for the overhead
shower, the one with the handle controls the water temperature,
the one to the right turns on the water for the body spray jets, which
are the two lower ones, and the knob to the left turns on the water
for the hand-held unit - sooo confusing!

To the right are the double vanity . . .

. . . and dressing table.

And straight ahead is the jet tub, complete with overhead television.
The Rest

Not too many pictures of the ship itself, but some of us taken by the ship's professional photographers.

Izak, Dina and I as we boarded the ship.

The pool side, while the band played on.

Izak and myself at dinner in the main dinning room.

Jay and Dina.



All of us.

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