St. Gilles, is a small community on the southern most canal of France, which runs parallel to the Mediterranean coastline. We went there to pick up our 'cruiser' in which we travelled the canal towards Spain.

View of from across the port where our boat was docked.

Some of the boats along the dock.

Port of St. Gilles.

Das Boot - our home away from home. A 30' cruiser with an aft cabin (where I slept), a galley with a dinette that converted to a bed (where Cyn slept), and separate shower and head.
As an aside, when Cyn's family learned we were spending a week travelling the canals in south France, they started to refer to me as 'poor, brave Lynda'.

Trying out the captain's char.

Cyn - our fearless captain. .

Leaving St. Gilles.


The trip along the canal wasn't very exiting or picturesque.


About the only wildlife we saw prior to our first stop were these horses.


The further along we got, one couldn't but help notice the strong spanish influences in the architecture.

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