Our last stop in England was London. It was the first time I'd been there and I was fascinated. We stayed at a hotel near the Marble Arch called 'The Palace'. It didn't live up to it's name but at least we can say that we stayed at 'The Palace' while we were there, and let everyone think what they will.

Haymarket - and the Theatre Royal

More architecture, and what else - construction!

Architecture and . . .

. . . statues.


Her Majesty's Theatre


On to the 'Theatre District' where 'Fosse' was the big show in town.


The male population's favourite sculptures.


Cyn posing near the 'Four Horses of the Apocalypse'


Working our way to Trafalgar Square.



Canada House - Trafalgar Square
The banners are advertising an exhibit of 'A Great Canadian Train - Canadian Pacific'.


The front of the 'National Gallery'.


Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.


The 'lions' poised at the base of the column are made from the melted down cannons from the Napoleonic Wars.


St Martins-in-the-Fields church.


Feeding the pigeons in the Square.


St Martin with the Statue of King George IV in the foreground.


Prior to going to the theatre, we found a good place for dinner.


St. Paul's Cathedral. I didn't take any pics inside and there weren't any headstones on the floor. I did however go down into the crypts, where Lord Nelson and Florence Nightingale are resting.


Ode to Queen Victoria.


While I was wandering around St Paul's, Cyn went off on her own and took 'The Dickens Tour. I'm not sure what the next few pics are of, but enjoy!


One thing she did mention was that they went to a pub that use to house the 'Debtor's Prison'. I'm assuming that this is it. Apparently, Williamson's Pub is the oldest in London, having survived the Great Fire of London.








After St Paul's, I took the 'Hop on - Hop off' bus to the Tower of London. I didn't go inside as it was too late in the day for a tour.


The Tower of London wall with the Tower Bridge in the background


After the Tower I wandered around the local harbour, where I found this beauty . . .


. . . and this back alley garden.


Another magnificent building.


The next day, we went to the Paddington District.

It was a pretty part of town with colourful buildings and wonderful architecture.


A Paddington apartment.


Some of the colourful buildings in Paddington.


On the final day in London, we decided to just ride the bus to see where we ended up. We caught the bus beside Hyde Park.


Cyn on the upper deck.


I think that Cyn and I were the only ones to brave the weather on the the upper deck that day.


The Marble Arch in the background.


A statue of 'Sherlock Holmes' outside the tube station named in his honour.


One of the buildings along the way.


The famous Dorchester Hotel.

The Victoria and Albert Museum.


The Albert Memorial - A tribute to Vicki's husband..


We finally ended up at Kensington Park, not far from our hotel.


Kensington Palace.


We each poised in front of the palace gates. To the very right of the pic is a small bouquet of flowers in the gate, placed there as a tribute to the late Lady Diana.


Me - with another bouquet to the left.


The lake outside the palace.


Swan Lake?.


Kensington Gardens.


A crane who has made his home in the middle of the pond.

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