Bournemouth is a large coastal resort town founded in 1810 in the County of Dorset, on the south coast of England. In a 2007 survey, Bournemouth was found to be the happiest place in England, with 82% of people questioned saying they were happy with their lives.
Cynthia and I went there to visit her niece, Paula, who was studying Chiropractic medicine at the university there.

This was actually taken in Newcastle before boarding the train. We took it because Cynthia and I riding on a train with 'Virgin' painted on the side struck us both as rather funny.

This was our hotel, a five minutes walk to the cliffs overlooking the Channel. Cynthia's niece Paula found it for us. Apparently she personally inspected every prospect until she found one that she felt was good enough for her beloved Aunt.

The hotel garden.

And our room. We tossed a coin and I got the bed, Cynthia got the day bed.  :-)

Hugs between Cynthia and Paula soon after we arrived.

The next day, while Paula was at school, Cyn and I decided to explore the nearby beach on the Channel. This is the view looking east from the top of the cliffs near our hotel.

This is the view looking west. That Bournemouth Pier in the distance.


A closer look at the pier.


Still at the top of the cliffs, Cyn decided to check out a closer view.

A view of the long and winding path leading from the top of the cliffs to the beach.


The path looking back from the beach.


Somehow, wearing fall clothes and beaches don't mix.


We decided to take a stroll along the beach and check out the pier.


We found these rather colourful private change houses along the way.


Downtown Bournemouth from the pier..


There was a children's' ride area at the end of the pier, but it was closed so Cyn and I couldn't play..


Look to the other side - of the pier.

After our trip to the pier, we took a walk through the adjoining park, where we can upon the local bandstand.

Balloon ride anyone?.

The park.

On the day Paula had no classes, she took us to the nearby town of Christ Church, where I found this lovely private garden.
Christ Church was founded in 1525 and is home to one of the largest constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. It is also known for being the setting of Evelyn Waugh's 'Brideshead Revisited' and Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland'. More recently it has been used in the filming of the Harry Potter movies.

Life on the river.

Paula and her umbrella.

Best friends.

Cutting through the local park towards the old Priory.

That's the Priory ruins in the background.

More views of the ruins. . . .

A view of the rive near the Priory. Someone doesn't wasn't anyone fishing in their turf me thinks!

Paula and Cynthia outside the Priory.


Paula and I outside the Priory Church.


The Priory Church Tower.
We did go in the church but since you had to pay to take pictures inside I didn't get any. While we were in the church, I happened to look down, only to discover I was standing on someone's headstone. I jumped to the side, which landed me on someone else's headstone. It was then I realized that the entire floor consisted of headstones. Kind of creeped me out.

Cyn and Paula standing outside the entrance of the church..


We took the path into town, where we had lunch.


The church cemetary.


How the 'other half' lives in Christ Church . . .


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