We flew in a day early and spent the night in Copenhagen at the Hotel Scandic Copenhagen.
The hotel is located in central Copenhagen, with stunning views over the water and Copenhagen city,
 and close to attractions such as the Planetarium and Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens.

The decor is very modern, as is the norm pretty much anywhere in Denmark.

Since we were only staying one night and have been to Copenhagen a couple of times before, we choose
 just to relax and not do any 'touristy' things -- dinner, a walk in the evening and generally just relaxing to
allow ourselves to adjust to the time change.

This is what I meant when I said the decor is very modern.
This is the lobby, complete with stylized tree trunks.
The view from our hotel window.
The waterway is the lake
Skant Jorgens So. It is long and narrow, more like
a canal than a lake, and runs through the central area of Copenhagen.

Also seen from our hotel window -- the IMAX Theatre



The Norwegian Star

I didn't take any pictures of the suite, mainly because it was the same type as we had on
the Norwegian Star, when we cruised the Panama Canal in 2011.

So what we have here instead is a series of pictures of the 'towel' art that was left on our bed each night.


Our Crab
. . .
His eyes are made from little packages of chocolate mints.
. . . Elephant . . .  

. . . Penguin . . .

. . . Eskimo . . .
. . . Turtle. . .


. . . Hippo
. . .

. . . Puppy . . . 

. . . Mouse . . .

. . . and Whatever.

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