We didn't take any tours in Helsinki, opting again to grab a cab and wander on our own. Unfortunately, Dina wasn't feeling well so our excursion was cut short.
I've only put up a couple of pictures, hoping the ones I took last trip will suffice.

The train station.


A close-up of the statues book ending the main entrance.
Rather dour fellows I'd say


Okay, last time we didn't take a tour, this time we did, so I actually have pictures.

Stockholm, as a city, is over 700 years old and spreads across 14 islands.
We took a bus tour around the city, which was actually quite interesting. The only problem was it didn't stop quite enough for photo ops and the windows were too dirty to take pictures through, so I combined mine, Izak's and Jay's pictures to hopefully give a better idea of the beauty of this Nordic city.


The tour started with
a drive up to Fjällgata, a small street and historical environment situated up at the edge of a cliff with a spectacular view over Stockholm city. On the other side of the street are houses that date back to the 18th century, of which there are no pictures because the numerous tour buses parked there.




    The local amusement park 'Gröna Lund'.

View to Nacka Strand

Stockholm skyline and frontal view of Skeppsbron. 

Commuter boat in Strommen River 


The Vasa Museum houses the Swedish warship Vasa, once considered the pride of Sweden’s navy. The present museum is built around the restored 17th century warship, which sank in Stockholm’s harbour on her maiden voyage in 1628. She carried 64 cannons, and a full crew when a gust of wind blew her over as she was leaving the harbour. The doors of the two gun ports were open at the time which allowed the water to pour in, quickly sinking her.
It was salvaged in 1961, with more than 12,000 objects on board and is considered one of the most important events in marine archaeology ( Article on Salvage Operation and Restore ).

The Warship Vasa, bow side

Aft view

The Stern.
The original paint and guild was lost but the detail of the ornate carvings was not.

A recreation of how one of the original carvings would have looked as she sailed out of port.

The gun ports.

The inside of the gun port door were decorated with painted lion masks, which were meant to glare out at the enemy when opened.

A view of the open gun ports.

The original ship beside a scale model of how she originally looked.

Outside the museum, Izak decided to share his cookie with a Swedish duck.

One of the views from the museum parking lot.

Swedish architecture.
If you're wondering why its only of the top of the building, its because a tour bus blocked the view of the rest.

Royal Dramatic Theater

Church Steeple

Izak caught me outside of the City Hall, with one of the ever present tour buses in the background.

A final harbour view.

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