We weren't in Dover very long, so there are only a couple of pictures. And we didn't take a lot around the ship itself as we
have a lot of similar ones from other cruises. But here they are.



By the time we were ready to leave port, the clouds had cleared and it was a beautiful day. Bodes well for things to come.


The Norweigian Sun

The Suite of Dreams

I had to take pics of the suite before we messed it up too badly - it was so incredible!

Normally I wouldn't take a picture of the door to the cabin, but this one had something that no other one I've been in had - A Door Bell!

(I know the picture is in black and white, but think of Dorothy in Kansas, before she stepped into OZ - Click your heels together three times!) 

This is taken from the entrance hall. To the left is the writing desk, wine class cupboard, storage shelves, etc. 

The writing desk, etc. from another angle  - complete with ice bucket and coffee maker. And to the right of that, the complimentary bottle of champagne, which we opened to celebrate the sail-away.

The comfy queen-sized bed.

To the left of the balcony door is the sitting area, complete with sofabed, where Dina slept.


And to the right of the door is the TV unit and the dining room table, which came with a bowl of fresh fruit and daily
treats, such as cookies, puff pastries, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. . .

. . . and on the coffee table, fresh flowers. 

The balconey, where Izak and our friend Jay tried to solve the world's problems.

But the best part was the combination dressing room/bathroom, which was off the entrance hall.
This pic was taken from the open doorway between the two spaces. To the left is one of three areas to hang clothes, store shoes and things you don't normally hang. To the right is the dressing table. And to the right of the dressing table were the other two clothes 'closets' and the telephone (so you don't have to run to the next room to answer if it rings).

Looking in the other direction from the open doorway is the double sink vanity.

To the right of the vanity, the jacuzzi tub.


And to the left is the shower and the private stall for the 'commode'.

Dina, Jay, Izak and myself at dinner.

We were sitting on the balcony, somewhere in the North Sea, when we spotted birds floating on the drafts coming off the bow of the moving ship. Too big to be seagulls, we realized that they could only be one thing - Albatross,

There were actually three of them as it turned out, and they stayed with the ship for
about an hour. They're supposed to be lucky, provided you don't harm one, but they
didn't do us any good when we went to the casino later.

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