No tours this time and not too many pictures. Just Dina, Izak and I wandering in the main area of town.


This picture was taken from the deck of the ship, overlooking a smaller ship, the 'Azamara Journey'. 

We grabbed a cab from the port and this is where he dropped us - an older area filled with shops, people, bicycles
and no cars.

Part of the central square


The centre of the square.

That's Izak to the right, and Dina just in front of him.

The area was also filled with street entertainers like this one - Crystal Ball Paul. - who managed to rope Izak into assisting him in his 'ball of fire' trick, where he sets a metal ball on fire and rolls it up and down each arm, across his chest and shoulders and finally down his pants and out the cuff. I guess that explains the lack of body hair.

Izak, dressed in a fireproof jacket and gloves, holding the soon to be ablaze ball.

Lighting the flame!
Unfortunately I didn't get any shots of the actual trick - I was laughing too hard. 

This street is supposed to be the longest in Copenhagen.

Dina relaxing in an outdoor cafe afterwards.

And Izak doing the same.

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