Izak and Dina as we start our tour in Estonia 

Walking along the Old Town wall

Toompia Castle on the left in the Old Town square

Toompia Castle

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Old Town Tallinn

Another view of the Cathedral.
In Estonia, there are no pews in the churches, as it is considered an affront to God to sit in His presence.


Walking through Old Town

Tallinn was originally a fort surrounded by a fortified wall, the interior of which is the Old Town

What use to be the moat, is now a public park


The grounds of Kadriorg Palace

A swan's palace

Kadriorg Palace

The interior of the Palace

The ceiling of the drawing room


A view of modern Tallinn as we are leaving

I know it looks like an ordinary sunset, but this picture was taken at 12:30am
By comparison, this was taken at 2:00am, and the sun doesn't get any lower than this during the months of June and July.
Hence the name "White Nights"

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