Once a part of East Germany, Warnemunde is again establishing itself as a coastal resort town on the Baltic sea.

Our first glimpse - the ferry running from the island to the mainland.


Since our tour wasn't until the afternoon, off we went to town to look for a new camera for Izak

The train station


Although no longer part of the Soviet Union, some Soviets chose to stay, including these retired soldiers, who now sing for their supper (and very well too)

Happy again with new camera in hand



Fishermen once lived in these cottages. Now they're tourist accommodations.

The German coast guard

Dina waving to the drivers behind us, while sitting on the back of a small tourist tram



Strange art sitting in a small canal

Part of the tour was an organ concert at a local church. Couldn't see the organist though, as he was in the balcony behind us.

Who would have thought - a windmill in Germany!

A rainbow over a nuclear power plant. Somewhat poetic don't you think!

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