Our first view of Copenhagen, from the upper deck of the ship. 


Langelinje Fort, at the entrance to the harbour, with a pretty nifty ship passing in front of it, as seen from our balcony.


Like most European countries, a preference for wind power.

This isn't a cruise ship entering the harbour, but one of the many car ferries that travels between the various Baltic countries. And like most of them, it has overnight accommodations for its passengers.


Our afternoon tour started with a stroll through Tivoli Gardens. Of course we assumed that Tivoli Gardens was a botanical thing but as it turned out, it was primarily an amusement park, with a few flowers and a lot of restaurants thrown in. Actually, it was here where Walt Disney got his inspiration to build Disneyland.

Despite the on-and-off rain, we spent a couple of hours just wandering around - like a bunch of tourists.


Our first view of the Gardens - a kiddie boat ride

One of the many restaurants, overlooking Tivoli lake, which used to be part of the moat in front of the Copenhagen city wall

The lake from the behind the restaurant

A part of the lake is decorated with sculptures of dragonflies and the like

 Local architecture as seen from the Gardens


Dina and I on one of the many walkways

One of the 'newer' restaurants - I wonder if it's Italian?


The Taj Mahal (yes, they really call it that)



The main entrance to the Gardens, from the inside

This is the local theatre, housed in the middle of the Gardens. Apparently it's quite a lively place at night


Another kind tourist consented to take our picture


After the Gardens, we embarked on a walking tour, on our way to board the canal boat


The Amalienborg Palace

Statue of King Frederik V, outside of the palace

The front entrance of the Parliament Buildings

The gardens outside the palace


The architecture is a little more modern on the canal where we were to board the tour boat


The boat was late getting there, so I decided to take a little walk

Dina decided to just sit and wait


So did Izak, who is none too happy here, as he just sat on his camera and cracked the LCD screen


Underway at last!

A very tight corner!

I have no idea what these represent, but I thought they looked kind of neat!

The new Opera House
It's ten stories high and four of them are underground (or water, depending how you want to look at it)

The Jewel, docked in Copenhagen harbour

And not far away ... the Royal Yacht

Of course, one cannot go to Copenhagen without seeing the statue of the 'Little Mermaid'. Unfortunately, when you take her picture from the sea side, you can't avoid those pesky tourists!

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