Here we are - Dina (Izak's Mom), Izak and myself - at Toronto
airport,  waiting to leave.

It was a long wait, as thunderstorms shut down the tarmac. When we arrived,
the airline asked if we would agree to taking the
8:30pm flight instead of the 6:30,
because of overcrowding
due to the delays. We agreed and as it turned out,
it didn't
matter, as the flight we were supposed to be on left only 5
minutes before ours.

Finally, we arrived in London. After spending an extra £20 for a larger room,
 which ended up being smaller than our cabin on the ship, we found a lovely
corner in the hotel garden to relax in. 

Once settled and refreshed, we decided to take a walk around
the area and see some sites.

The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd

I have no idea what building this is. I just liked the look of it

One of the Gate houses at the entrance of Hyde Park.

Dina and I in front of the Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall without the silly people in front of it.

Walking through Hyde Park

A view from the park, with some more architecture in the background

Resting again. This is turning out to be a very long walk. That's Kensington Palace in the background.

Dina and Izak

Back on Cromwell Road, heading back to the hotel.

After a 3 hour walk, a nice dinner, and a good night's sleep. We boarded a bus and headed to Dover, where we boarded the ship

The Norweigan Jewel

On the ship at last. We couldn't go to our cabins, as they were being sanitized after a viral breakout during the previous cruise. So we did what we do best - relax with a cold drink.

Leaving Dover, the famed White Cliffs in the background. In the foreground are the car/truck ferries.

Another view of Dover, Dover Castle to be precise.

Channel traffic - sure beats rush hour back home!

Took this shot to show typical North Sea weather. The winds clocked in at gale force 7. It may not look like much here, but we were on Deck 11 when it was taken, and it's a long way down.

This little rainbow was born from the mist of the waves hitting the ship.

The rather colourful pool deck

And if you get bored from drinking, swimming, and resting, you could always play chess
(or shot baskets, hit golf balls, play shuffleboard, etc., etc.)

Our home away from home.

Izak in the shower

The Spinnaker Lounge

If I had one too many drinks in this seat, I'd never get up!

By the pool deck at night


Each time the ship left port, a band played by the pool

In the Azura Dining Room with Danijela, one of the Maitre d's

Of course, one cannot go to sea and not play Bingo! We did rather well actually!

And what better place to put a pool table, than by the pool!

Izak and I on 'formal' night


And this little fellow was 'Our Monkey'
Every night when we came back to the cabin, we found towels twisted into
shapes resembling animals - rabbits, elephants, etc. One night we found him.
We left him there for two days.

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