Again, no tours. We didn't even go into Stockholm because you either had to take public transit or spent an exorbitant amount of money to take a cab. So we wandered amount the port a bit. Most of these pics were taken after we left. It was a 4 hour cruise to get to open water, most of which reminded of me of "cottage country" in northern Ontario.


A view from the ship. Industrial Stockholm to the left.

The ferry docks

Our ship is the one furthest away

had to take a pic of these birds, as they reminded me of a cross between Canada Geese and puffins

A close up so you can see what I mean

This could be "cottage" country




An old fort on the bend

The fort, no doubt there to guard the harbour

Another view of the fort

There's a door in the rock!

One of the private boats - Cynthia, this one's for you!

Part of the world's longest span bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden

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