This trip was a freebie (sort of). We won a 7 day Caribeaan for two on the last Baltics cruise, which we quickly converted to a 10 day out of New York. No fancy cabin this time.


We arrived in New York too late in the evening to get any touristy pictures, so what we have here
are views of the city as we headed out to sea.


Looking back towards the city just before the ship was due to leave. 

Dockmates - A British Airways Concord and the aircraft carrier

Another view of the city as we were leaving the dock.

The Empire State Buiding

Goodbye New York!


A view of 'beautiful' Lackawanna


Ellis Island.


They sure can fit a lot of buildings in a relatively small space!


Lady Liberty

Around the bend and out to sea!


The Norweigan Gem

The traditional first picture by the ship's photographer. I can't remember what he said, but it obviously struck us as funny.

Got it this time.


Touring the upper deck before the ship left port.

I don't know about you, but there seems to be something not quite right about people wearing hats and winter coats by the pool on a cruise ship!

Izak warming up with a coffee while we waited
for the ship to leave.


No sunbather's by the pool yet but that will change once we hit warmer climes.

Tanning lounges for Two


As we headed further south, we shunned our winter clothes and relaxed with a bucket of beer along with a fellow passenger.

And the band played on - as it did every afternoon by the pool.

Dinner at one of the specialty restaurants aboard ship.

Kicking up our heels (heel?) on deck!

Post-lunch 'aft'

Of course no cruise would be complete without having your picture taken with the Captain!

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